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Our networks in Kenya:

Kenya and East Africa Region networks: Transform Alliance Africa (TAA)
Network Association for Alternative Family care of children
Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR)

Global Networks


This was the first European network to promote the rights and well-being of children. It is funded by the European Union, among its members, there are 170 organizations and second level co-ordination groups in 35 countries.


FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS PLATFORM. This is a FRA (Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Commission) platform, the objective of which is to encourage the meeting and the exchange among European civil society organization as regards the issue of human rights.

Forum SaD

Child Rights Information Network. This global information network deals with the rights of minors; it has over 2,000 members coming from 150 countries (85% NGOs; 75% organizations with their headquarters in Developing Countries).


International Forum for Child Welfare.This is a global network of NGOs, institutions and universities that deal with the quality of life during childhood and adolescence. Every year, it organizes a world forum to be held in a different country.