What is the role of “The Tree of Life”?

What is the role of “The Tree of Life”? 2022-09-09T13:59:00+03:00

The Tree of Life is a Kenyan Charitable Trust working with the Kenyan Government to promote and implement family reintegration, Kinship and Foster Care Services in the Country.  

  • Within this framework, the Tree if Life operates at different levels: 
  • Development of guidelines, policies, training manuals and other supporting documents for family based Care. 
  • Training and Capacity building for Government officers, CSOs, CCIs, and other like-minded organizations on Care Reform and AFC Services. 
  • Direct support and provision of family reintegration, Kinship and Foster Care Services in all their phases.  
  • Supporting CCIs in building capacity, expanding services, aligning with the current reform and accompanying CCIs in the transitional phase.   
  • Lobby, advocacy and awareness raising on Care Reform and its components both at local and national level so as to change beliefs, social norms, attitudes and behavior.