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L’Albero della Vita is present in Europe and in developing countries such as India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Haiti and Perù.


Intervention in Europe is focused on migration and the critical issues linked to this phenomenon, with the aim to offer substainable solutions to ensure well being to disadvantaged groups. Main themes to commit resources on are unaccompanied minors, migrant families, family foster care.


Minors protection is one of the main areas of intervention in African country. In Kenya L’Albero della Vita supports many centers for minors and creates a very strong working relationship with departments and local authorities. The goal is to improve hospitality for children and young people aged 0-16 years. These beneficiaries are defined as “in conflict with the law”, which means condemned by the judge for more or less serious crimes, and included in a three-year rehabilitation program. Actually, many of them are just street kids, orphans and migrants from the countryside.


Intervention areas in India are 3: education, protection and development, with actions that promote living conditions improvement for the whole community.
In Baruipur, atown 30 km away from Calcutta, the foundation is committed to protecting the most vulnerable children by addressing the issue of disability.
In Nepal, the goal is to constantly strengthen local associations and families after the tragic earthquake.
In Bangladesh, the projects are aimed at providing drinking water and water for agricultural use in areas particularly affected by natural disasters and soil salinization.

Latin America and the Caribbean

In Peru the Foundation is committed with projects of local development, food security and health. The work carried out in the Ancash region in order to strengthen the supply chain of an Andean lupine, favors the territorial development of 400 peasant families in extreme poverty. A health project for the most vulnerable population is active in the remote villages of Peruvian Amazon. A project aimed at fighting violence against women and children as well is active in Amazon.
In Haiti, the support from 2010 of the only clinic in WafJeremie, degraded and violent shantytowns, helps to protect in particular mother and child health. Support to a shelter is active for disadvantaged children (over 100 orphans aged 0-12) who have lost their parents for AIDS or their mothers during childbirth or for violent death.