Protection of vulnerable minors in conflict with the law in Kenya

Protection of vulnerable minors in conflict with the law in Kenya 2019-12-08T02:36:12+03:00

Project Description

Enhance pedagogical and professional education as a protection tool for vulnerable minors in clash with Kenian law

The project reached the end of the first year with very encouraging results, especially in terms of intervention quality.It has been possible to improve the protection of vulnerable children’s rights in clash with the law by allowing them an access to quality rehabilitation services according to the latest international and national standards. The awareness of the institutions involved has also allowed us to set a path of change in institutions where, until a few years ago, minors were simply “parked” with no opportunities for recovery.

In particolar about the first project result “Developed and enhanced new personal and professional skills in minors hosted by 8 governmental safekeeping centers” the learning plan is ready, based on a specially-made handbook.

Guidance on job from the CCA staff to institutes’ operators allowed to monitor and enhance guidelines used for minor safeguard and recovery. About the second project result “restored and made operational educational and professional traininglaboratories in 8 governmental safekeeping centers”, renovation and equipping for the activities of 10 laboratories were completed allowing the integration of pedagogical and professional elements in the riabilitaton path of the minor.

The third result “Improved guidelines, networking and services for the educational and professional reintegration of minors of 8 governmental safekeeping centers”, has seen the mapping of realities in minors protection on a national level such as forum, groups and network.

Participation in these tools has started and a database was developed for contacts to be used especially in activities of professional, scolastic and follow up support and recovery, laying the groundworks for a strong improvement in favor of the educational and professional re-integration of minors.

Project Details

Skills Needed: