Renovation and upgrading of the consolata primary school in Suguta, Kenya

Project Description

The strategy of the project is based on the promotion of the improvement of the condition of children in Samburu County, Kenya, through a close collaboration with Missione Calcutta onlus, leader of the project, Caritas and the Diocese of Maralal, owner of all the works carried out and results achieved within the intervention.

The project aims to enhance the childcare services of the Consolata Suguta Primary School, in Samburu County, Kenya. The structure, owned by the Diocese of Maralal, welcomes over 600 students at risk of domestic violence, child labor, dangerous traditional practices, early school leaving.

The school, identified as a priority by Caritas of Maralal, a project partner, integrates educational services with a program to protect girls and girls victims of violence, and with a food security program.

What we will do

To enhance these services, taking into account the health context that the country is experiencing, the action includes infrastructure modernization works in line with international standards.

Specifically, we will realize/restructure:
10 classrooms for 2 school blocks
1 water system and 5 tanks for constant water supply
Maintenance and completion of 15 toilets, 13 hand washing stations.
Distribution of school furniture, educational material, Teaching Learning Material.

The school also benefits from actions to combat Covid-19 at the educational/information and hygienic-sanitary level, integrating these principles into a food safety plan, considering the repercussions of the pandemic on pupils.

The project provides the expansion of the School Farm through poultry and dairy cow farming and training and information sessions on proper nutrition and diversification of food aimed at students and teachers.

The intervention acts at the same time on the strengthening of teachers’ capacities in terms of Psychosocial support and gender violence (GBV), and on the awareness of families and communities with respect to the importance of education and school attendance of children.

The specific objective of the project is to enhance the Education and Protection services offered by the Consolata Suguta Primary School in Samburu County for the benefit of vulnerable students, promoting an environment conducive to their growth.

The beneficiaries of the project are 610 students (304 boys; 306 girls) and 50 girls and girls from the Reception Center of the Consolata Suguta Primary School.

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